Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kelsey's Story

Age 7

South Dakota
Rapid City Regional Hospital Foundation

Chromosomal Abnormality

When Kelsey was born, right away there were clues that there was something terribly wrong. None of her symptoms compared to any other syndrome doctors had encountered. After months of investigation, geneticists discovered a duplication of a portion of one of Kelsey’s 12th chromosomes. Kelsey had congenital hip dysplasia that resulted in three surgeries and heart defects that required open heart surgery at age 2.

There has never been another documented case of this exact abnormality.

Truly one of a kind, Kelsey and her family have celebrated every milestone of her development. The chromosomal abnormality has affected her mental development, eye development, bone formation, muscle tone and coordination/ balance. Despite her challenges, Kelsey comes out of every procedure or treatment declaring with exuberance, “all done!”

At the age of 7, Kelsey has endured more than most kids, but unless you saw her scars, you would never know it. She is a tender-hearted girl that loves to make everyone around her happy. She is sweet and outgoing, and the littlest things make her genuinely excited.

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